Searchbar Autosizer

Welcome to the Searchbar Autosizer homepage! Searchbar Autosizer automatically resizes the Search bar in Firefox based on your inputs.

Kevin and I will be working hard to make sure Searchbar Autosizer is compatible with future versions of Firefox. If you'd like to help, please let us know!

I would also like to thank those who have donated some of their hard-earned money. You are awesome!


The newest version of Searchbar Autosizer can be found here:


Searchbar Autosizer at the Firefox Add-Ons page. Sometimes it can take a couple days for the latest version to appear while the Firefox team reviews add-on update submissions.


If you don't want to wait and like to be on the bleeding edge of Searchbar Autosizer technology, you can always download the latest releases from the Searchbar Autosizer home on Sourceforge by clicking HERE.


There's also a bug tracker if you find bugs and would like to submit a bug report. Thank you!

The searchbarautosizer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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